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Everyone wants to air their grievances, especially the practitioners of the deadly librarian arts.
(Also works for any info* professional gripes)

Worth noting... I don't respond to @ mentions or RTs. Just posting your grievances. Adjust expectations accordingly.

Oh, also... Don't slag anyone directly

Oh, also... also... Don't name anybody directly besides @elibtronic

Why? 'Cause I can't be sure if that person has a good enough sense of humour to be mocked by an anonmyous bot if you must know

Posting Images

You need to upload the image file to somewhere like

(Built in GIF keyboard doesn't work, it converts the GIF into a video file that is near impossible to retrieve)

Basically you need a URL to a JPG/GIF/PNG file in the text of the DM along with your message.

IMPORTANT: If you have a pic, don't delete it until it posts. I've lost a few posts on account of this!

Most importantly, get creative.

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